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So for those of you who don't know, fourth season of Doctor Who is kind of epic win. As is second season of Torchwood.

Case in point, Donna and Martha have become awesome. I adored Martha in the second season of Torchwood. I was saying to Kerri the other day; "Y'know, I didn't really like Marfa all that much in the third season. She was clingy and obedient and the Doctor just seemed to expect her to put up with his angst and bullshit. Now that she's grown an epically MASSIVE pair I kind of want to do her."

"So basically she's gone to your scorn to porn list?"

"Let us be wed immediately for there are no words for how wonderfully that sums up good ol' Marfa Jones."

In essence, there is massive amounts of badassery going on in this season. Donna's an awesome companion. She is everything the Doctor needs, and I'm hoping she'll bitchslap the angst out him.

Three episodes, going on four and no slap yet, though he hasn't actually warranted a slap either. I DEMAND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE K THX. ~endorses using violence on angsty, puppy eyed 900 year old time lords~

I'm looking forward to episode four. Its the return of some old skool villains as well as Marfa showing her sexy self and more Donna awesomeness.

RTD also seems to be going with some not-so-subtle-and-kinda-irritating themes with the companions as well. With Rose it wasn't too bad, though that was also before the Doctor turned into Tinkerbell Jesus Bond. So, in order: Rose: Classism (Z'OMG TEH CHAV). Marfa: Racism (Z'OMG TEH BLACK). Donna (Z'OMG TEH BOOBS No seriously that cleavage is like a black hole). So yeah. Knock it off RTD. You phail at subtle.

Entertainment aside, I'm in pretty high spirits today. Mum's in physical therapy and CAN FEEL HER LEGS. Which is a very good thing. She's able to stand with the help of a walker and take a few steps. Since she's going to be wheelchair bound though, she'll be moving back to Woodbury and I'll be helping dad set up a ramp on the porch so she can get in and out.

I want her to try to get back into drawing and sketching since I'd rather she not spend the five days out of the week she's not at the shop sitting in front of the television rotting her brain.

Ah well. Mums.


TL;DR: Fourth season of Doctor Who is awesome.
Mum is doing better.
Thesis is thesising.
Oreos are delicious.
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