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Bananas are good. So are fried shrimp.

It's one of those weird mornings. You know, the kind where you actually go to bed before one o-clock in the morning and all of a sudden you're well rested and full of energy and all you can do is sit around listening to a teacher RANT.

I've been painting and paint-sketching a lot. In photoshop, not on canvas. I can't afford physical media, and digital media is an equally good outlet and I don't have to deal with the fumes.

I'm in the Brown Center right now, and Theresa is watching YouTube videos full of kittens and it's just making my morning a bright and cuddly thing. Also, she brought in volumes nine and ten of Nodame Cantabile which gives me much joy and Squeegles.

Also, this is the most delightful animation on the planet:

Delve into the joygleeyay!

This morning brought further joy when I checked the time_and_chips comm to find wonderful news that Billie Piper will be returning to Doctor Who for season four and a whole bunch of specials. Ooooh I was joytastic. Rose/Doctor has become one of my favourite OTPs falling short of Michiru/Haruka only on account of Michiru/Haruka being my oldest and most beloved pairing full of adorable.

Rewatching S1 and S2 of the-

oh my christ, Theresa just brought up the old Kikkoman flash animations. Oh Japan. I love the crack you export into the world.

Anyway, back to S1 and S2 of Doctor Who. Been needing a Billie Piper fix and I can't find any torrents of Secret Diaries of a Call Girl (DOOOOOOOOO WANT).

...Okay interrupted from journal entry again, this time by delicious lunch. I L Mer & Kerri, they bring much joy. Especially Doctor = Captain Planet. Eyebrows, Sideburns, Mole-between-the-shoulder-blades, Big Hair, and Ten-inch tiemcock. By their powers combined-

...Yeah I went there. I regret nothing!

In any case, this entry is mindless rambling but god do I love mindless rambling.


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